Motive Colloquies


  1. to be in motion
  2. to have reason for action


  1. conversations
  2. gatherings

A European team of architects, performance artists, puppeteers and interaction designers collectively called Motive Colloquies is developing work examining the design of kinetic and performative architecture. Motive Colloquies is Ciriaco Castro, Miriam Dall'Igna, Enrique Ramos, Sigridur Reynisdottir, Nicholas Waters, and Jemima Yong, led by international award winning robotics and installation artist Ruairi Glynn.

Its principal performer, a 3 metrehigh responsive robot, interacts with its audience's gestures while it waits for the arrival of its human co-performers. The film shown here presents the first choreographed site specific work to come from this colloquy. Titled 'The Promise of Touch', it was presented at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in June 2011. responding to two works within the Gallery - Francis Bacon's Triptych 'Three Figures in a Room' (1964) & Pablo Picasso's 'Femmes devant la mer' (1956)

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